Our Mission


Who Are We And Why Rugged Legacy?

Every company has its own journey. Where it started. How it came about. How it grew. Here at Rugged Legacy, we are grateful that it became what we wanted, and more!

We started Rugged Legacy because we saw the community and connection people have with the outdoors. The need for a company that represents people and also brings them together.

There was no outdoors inspired apparel company willing to come out and truly be original like the people wearing their clothes.

Over the last few years, that passion for wanting to connect with others, and have originality, grew into something that we couldn’t have ever imagined.

It all started with a few hunting inspired designs and about 10 tees arriving on a doorstep one day.

Rugged Legacy today isn’t so different from it’s early days. The seed for what we are now were planted (to lure in the unsuspecting game haha) and continues to grow.

Today we now have over 40 hunting designs, 10 fishing designs, inspired by all things rugged! Our goal is being the bridge between people and the outdoors in a much different kind of way. 

If you think Rugged Legacy is just another apparel store, that would be an understatement. And a misrepresentation of the 90k+ community that has gathered together.

We share stories of hunting and fishing experiences we have with our families, and friends. While cherishing the memories that we have from the people that showed us the ropes.

We are proud that our designs are a way for men and women, young and old to represent who they are.

Many things separate Rugged Legacy from other brands in the outdoors industry. 

Our brand believes that the legacy, the Rugged Legacy, must live on!

Join us in our movement to show the world who we are as unapologetically as possible. Some animals may be harmed in the process.

Want 10% Off Today?

Want 10% Off Today?