About Us

My brother and I come from a typical hunting family. We’re sure it was a natural lifestyle for our father. He kept the tradition going by taking us hunting when we were kids, teaching us the laws of nature.

We remember that our father bought us a shirt that had said “I Like Em With Long Legs & A Big Back’’ which was always a hit on tailgates. People came to us complimented our shirt, we laughed together and built relationships with strangers. Just with a single T Shirt we were able to show our passion in a way other hunters can relate to.

After our father passed away, we actually wanted to take the idea of creating apparel with our designs to existence. We want other hunters to share their passion, show and live their passion with Beyond Hund. We saw a need in the market for a FUN brand that was REAL. We have so much FUN coming up with new designs. Our goal is to create products that will leave you and your friends laughing and tagging each other on Social Media. If you think you're just as funny as we are, email us! We would love to hear about your idea for a design. 

Being a hunter defines who you are, It's in our blood, hunting goes beyond a hobby it's a born passion and becomes who we are. We want to provide the most high-quality everyday apparel for hunters that showcases your lifestyle. Take everything you know and love about the sport with you all the time, whenever and wherever, make a statement,start a conversation, share a story and celebrate the hunt.

We were born to hunt. 

Want 10% Off Today?

Want 10% Off Today?