Why Rugged Legacy? (Your questions answered.)

I’ve been getting lots of questions lately.

People have been asking why we are switching our name to Rugged Legacy.

When will it happen?

The reason we are switching the name is because we wanted to grow.

Beyond Hunt felt limiting and we could only focus on just hunting.

I wanted to include more people and become a bigger community where many different people come.

All the changes will happen after the 4th of January (tomorrow) to the site and Facebook page.

Are we still the same people or new owners?

Liz and I are still here and we aren’t going anywhere.

We love this company, it would be very difficult to leave or give it up.

Beyond Hunt is something we are very proud of, but like anything when you first start it… you realize there are inevitable flaws in the master plan that need work later on.

I never realized that.

The plan was to always grow bigger and include more people.

A problem we couldn’t see until we arrived at it.

It would seem odd if we tried being Beyond Hunt and make designs that aren’t about shooting bucks.

Rugged Legacy is the new name and the Rugged Family is where everyone can feel included doing all things rugged.

If you have any other questions feel free to email us back.

Thank you for sticking with us!

Dennis from Rugged Legacy

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