Why Families Should Fish Together

Fishing builds self-esteem

Fishing can be a relaxing pastime for many, but it can also be a competitive sport. Fishing is an outdoor activity enjoyed by millions of people every day. Whether you're sitting on the bank waiting for a bobber to dunk under or seining a river for insects and selecting just the right fly, fishing does not have to be complicated! It's all in what type of fishing you're into.

The great thing is, at every level, there are problems to solve and things to learn. Fishing is an excellent activity for children because it teaches patience, persistence, and resilience. Fishing also builds coordination and physical strength. Kids at any age can start fishing, but the youngest will need their parents' help to cast out the line.

Fishing brings families closer through positive experiences.

little boy fishing the deep blue water in the mist of the morning

The fresh air, the sense of adventure, and the scenery are more than enough to create a positive foundation to build happy memories! Add to that the fun of exploring new places, learning the water, operating the boat, and working to catch fish as a team. You have an activity that can provide many positive moments as well as lessons to draw from.

Experiencing the fishing and all the fun that comes from fishing (like the one that got away) builds a stronger bond. Teaching everyone patience on the shore or on a boat is great for both parent and child. Just make sure to keep things light and fun! It's easy for me to be patient with the fish and quick to lose that patience when it comes to my kids. Each outing seems to teach my kids and me a new lesson.

Fishing helps you unplug from outside world distractions.

Little girl fishing with her brother in a pond

Family time is essential. It's not just about being physically present with your family, but also about being mentally present. TV, video games, and other technology can be detrimental to a healthy family when these things get in the way of personal interaction. When you're out fishing, the only distractions are the good kind – the ones that will help you bond better with your kiddos.

I suggest leaving the phone in the car or turning it off and focusing on the people who are right in front of you. It's easy to lose sight of our goals in life. Work and other things pop their head in, and if we're not careful, we'll be slaves to our devices because we have to be a phone call away from our clients or boss. Your kids will be around much longer than your boss, and hopefully, you'll have a better relationship with them than your boss or clients.

It's easy for me to sit here and write this, but it's a tricky balance at the end of the day. Kids cost money. Fishing costs money. But it's that balance that we need to master for the betterment of our families.

Fishing helps build a positive connection between parents and children.

The best part about fishing is that it can be done in any body of water; it doesn't even have to be a lake. Kids love fishing because they get hands-on experience in the outdoors. Parents love fishing because they get quality time with their children while bonding over a shared interest.

Fishing is not only perfect for getting out of the house but also for connecting over nature. Fishing helps kids stay on the right track, and fishing as a family is about more than just the fish. I cannot tell you how often I've gone out fishing or out in nature, and my kids ask about plants and wildlife. After some 7 years of being out in nature, they now have immense knowledge of plants, animals, and fungi. And that kind of bonding can't be bought.

Every Friday, we do what we call Nature Day. We might go fish. We might go hike. We might go swimming in a river. Whatever it is, we do it in nature, and the boys love it so much. They are always asking when the next Nature Day is.

Out Of The Office Fishing

man fishing from a boat at sunset

Today, many people are so fixated on their tech devices that they forget about the world around them. Often, this can be harmful to one's health. With fishing, one can experience the natural world again, providing a chance for "digital detoxing." Fishing is also a great way to catch up with family and friends. Trust me, the world doesn't fall apart if you miss an email or text message. I've gone down to check my email and texts once a day. I have a unique ring for my wife, but anything else can wait until the next time I check it.

Fishing has always been an activity that allows people to step away from what they are used to doing or dealing with in their day-to-day lives. This is because it focuses on being outside rather than inside of technology. Fishing also provides a sense of tranquility by allowing us all to remember that there IS actually life away from wifi, cell networks, and computers!

Fishing And Family

That's enough from me. You need to get out on the lake or river and enjoy the fish and your family. The peace and beauty of the water provide the best setting for time spent with family and friends. Throw in some sightings of wildlife or bites on the line, and everything is fine. Fishing is about appreciating Mother Nature and precious time with loved ones.

For us, fishing is all about family bonding. It's a time that forces us to be closer together physically and connect at a primal level.

If you're a seasoned pro at family fishing outings, please share that knowledge. What are some of your favorite spots to take your kiddos? What are some helpful tips for family fishing trips? Let us know in the comments.

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