Top five hunting spots this season

So, the next long weekend is coming up, and you plan to hit the forest in pursuit of some big game. With budget airlines offering bargains all year round, and most destinations only a few hours away, there has never been a better time to jump on a plane and head to the best hunting spots.

This quick guide reveals our top 5 favourite hunting spots this season.


Alaska, the 49th and most northerly of the United States, is a paradise for hunters. Mountains, lakes and forests as far as the eye can see make the perfect home for some of the largest game on the planet. Alaskan – Yukon bull moose can grow antlers spanning over six feet and weigh up to 1,300 pounds. If you plan to kill such a magnificent beast, make sure you bring a big crew to help carve all the meat up to bring home.

>It can get pretty cold up North, so make sure you take several layers of thermals.

Dallas County, Alabama

At the opposite end of the country why not pay Dallas County, Alabama a visit. With a Deer population of almost 2m in 150,000 acres of forest, you will never run out of prey. Relaxed hunting laws permit you to use most common weapons including rifles, shotgun’s and crossbows.

Being located in the southern states, if you choose to travel in summer be prepared for a warm trip. Leave those thermals back in Alaska!


When you think of Arizona, images of the Wild West spring to mind with Cowboys and Indians running amok. Arizona is the perfect hunting ground for both experienced hunters and beginners alike. The Yukon is the perfect place to take the kids to find pheasant, quail, doves and rabbits.

If you’re a little more experienced, head to the Pinetop region for elk, deer, and antelope. For the most adventurous, give the Kingman area a try. Mountain lions and black bears will keep you on your toes!

Georgetown, South Carolina

Georgetown is perfect for those who wish to combine hunting and fishing. The rivers are bursting at the seams with all manner of fish. While 250,000 acres of hunting ground provide both large and small game. Turkey and quail are common at the smaller end, while deer are bountiful for the serious crew.

September is the best time of year to visit. Make sure you have all the right permits as enforcement is strict.

Rapid City, South Dakota

Rapid City is a hunter’s paradise. With no set seasons, you can hunt all year around. Deer, elk, turkey and pheasant make up the bread and butter prey in this beautiful location. As well as plenty of opportunities to hunt on land, you can also fish for beautiful rainbow trout in the heavily loaded lakes.

Be careful and watch out for grizzly bears on the trail!

Final thoughts

Wherever you are in the USA you are never more than a couple of hours from prime hunting ground. Elk, deer, moose, turkey, and pheasant are all one shot away. So why not round up your friends, plan a trip, and keep the family stocked with meat for several months to come. Just remember to clear out that chest freezer before you set off.

As with any trip, a cross country trip requires some planning. Always remember to prepare the following before a big trip:

  • Clean and prepare your weaponry.
  • Obtain the required licenses, tags, and permits.
  • Pack enough ammo.
  • Pack appropriate clothing-remember there's never too many layers in Alaska.
  • Pack a survival kit alongside food for the hunt.
  • Make sure enough of you are taking part to carry your precious prize home.

Remember your Scouts motto – Always be prepared!


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