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Fly fishing in Colorado is an experience like no other. With the variety of trout, streams, lakes, and reservoirs to choose from, it's easy to find your favorite fishing spot. Do you prefer secluded mountain streams or big open reservoirs? With the right fly rod in hand and a healthy dose of luck, you can find a trout in any of these places.

Fly fishing is also popular with adventurous travelers. Heading out for a day on the stream can be just as rewarding as hiking up a mountain or rafting down a river. The trout may not always cooperate, but there's nothing quite like a chance encounter with a wild animal in its natural habitat. There are plenty of opportunities for the more sedentary fisherman to fish from shore or bridge while catching glimpses of the glorious mountainside.

Magical Mountain Fly Fishing

I make the pilgrimage to Colorado every year; It's my favorite rock climbing state. There are so many great parks and trails, not to mention some fantastic climbing routes. One of my favorite parks is Chatfield State Park, where I can take a stroll through the forest or run up a mountain. It also happens to be one of the best fly fishing spots around. So you can imagine my delight when I found out I could hit two birds with one stone. Do a little climbing, break with some fishing, then resume climbing. It's the best of both worlds.

The South Platte River is a beautiful trout stream located in Colorado. It has been one of the most famous rivers in Colorado for over a century, and it's known for its excellent fishing and pristine beauty. The river is formed by two forks: the Middle Fork and the South Fork. The South Platte River flows from the Rocky Mountains to Denver, eventually meeting with Cherry Creek. It is glorious and must make any bucket list.

I swam in that glorious crisp water running through Cheeseman Canyon last August, and let me tell you that water isn't anything to shake a stick at. You're looking at a nicely moving 40-degree reckoning to bring all your senses to the forefront of your mind. Oh yeah, the fishing is KILLER.

Fly Fishing In Colorado

The Stream of Dreams

The Platte River, one of the two main tributaries of the Mississippi River, was named after the French word for "flat." The river's name is translated as "prairie stream."

The river is about 1,500 miles long and meanders through Nebraska and Colorado. The river originates at the confluence of the North Platte River and South Platte Rivers in eastern Colorado. Its waters begin in the southwestern part of Colorado, where the Middle Fork, a freestone stream, and the South Fork, the tailwater of Antero Reservoir confluence.

From this confluence, the South Platte flows into Spinney Mountain Reservoir and then into Elevenmile Reservoir. Between these two bodies of water exists one of the river's most popular Gold Medal stretches.

Elevenmile Canyon

Elevenmile Canyon is a canyon located in the western part of Colorado. The South Platte River, a tributary of the Mississippi River, flows through this canyon before it meets up with the Arkansas River. The canyon has been home to many types of life and has been an important location for many Native American tribes. It's also been an important location for many settlers in Colorado, which include ranchers and miners.

South Platte fishing is one of the most popular forms of fly fishing in Colorado. The South Platte River has many different options for anglers looking to wet a line. With the cold, fast-flowing waters, expect to find trout in the 12-14 inch size range; though, don't be surprised when you hook into an 18-inch trout that won't seem to quit.

Man fly fishing in colorado

Cheesman Canyon

An angler fights a fish in Cheesman Canyon; a famous stretch of the South Platte Deckers beneath Cheeseman lies the most popular bit of the entire drainage; Deckers. Almost all of the public fishing access in Deckers is roadside, making the ease of access one of the main attractions. If you are looking for isolation of any kind, Deckers is not your spot.

Do not be deterred by the number of anglers, though, as this stretch offers a large quantity of quality trout. If you're looking to improve your skills and catch fish in the process, Deckers provides an opportunity to experience many different kinds of water. Anglers enjoy a day in Deckers, fly fishing in the South Platte River.

Denver South Platte (DSP)

Denver South Platte is a river that runs through the heart of Denver. It starts as a pristine trout fishery in its lower reaches, but it becomes a warm water fish haven as it runs through the heart of Denver. The DSP has been crucial to the development of Denver from its earliest days.

Colorado Lake and Mountains

Insect Life and Fly Selection

Fly fishing is a sport that takes time and patience. When you go fly fishing, you first need to find the perfect place on the water to start, then tie on some flies, and finally, wait until there are fish on the fly. Fly fishing does not require much more than this if you do it right. You can usually find good spots at any river or lake where trout are native.

Fishing can be a challenging sport, especially when you are catching nothing. Remember that if you stick to fishing designated catch and release sections, you may be pleasantly surprised by what the day has in store for you.

Advice for Fly Fishing Colorado Wilderness

One of the essential tips that I can give you is to identify where trout are holding. You might know that they are in a particular run or pool, but you will never know if they are holding below the surface unless you find them (which can be tricky).

Colorado Mountain Lake

The best advice I can give to anyone who enjoys fly fishing is to go with the flow. We all have our favorite spots and favorite flies, but it's always good to branch out and try different rivers and different techniques. Also, dress warm: If you're native to Colorado, then you know what I'm saying.


Happy fishing!

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