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I like hunting and maybe 3 people

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I like hunting and maybe 3 people

F*ck It I'm Going Hunting

Hunting Flag Compound Bow


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Adaptive Pursuits

We are honored and proud to sponsor Adaptive Pursuits!

Adaptive Pursuits showcases hunters and anglers who are dealing with physical impairments, such as blindness, who learn to use adaptive technology to get back out and enjoy the outdoors.The show is heavily focused on how these hunters positively impact communities and the relational side of hunting, in addition to beautiful and exciting hunting landscapes. One hunter is chosen for each episode to go through their own courageous journey and discover that they are capable. 

Our Brand Manager, Vicki Severson, co-hosts the show as a hunting guide, as well as being the producer. This newly revamped production is available to watch on the Sportsman Channel. Rugged Legacy is featured in season three, which will be shown beginning January 2023. 

Adaptive Pursuits was founded and is hosted by Lance Mathena. Lance is a United States Army veteran, who served multiple tours overseas and in battle. Lance has always been an avid hunter but lost his sight after a surgery that went wrong, leaving the sight part of his brain no longer functioning. Lance refused to let his situation get the best of him and was determined to continue living his life the way he wanted to - relentless in his pursuits. He began NAABS (North American Association of Blind Sportsmen), and Adaptive Pursuits as a way to reach the blind community and show them how to overcome and continue to live life. 

Check out the trailer for Adaptive Pursuits and get your own merch. Proceeds go to funding episodes and providing the opportunity to hunters who have lost their sight or other physical abilities. 

Thanks for being part of the Adaptive Pursuit and Rugged Legacy Family!

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